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FittaMamma offers a unique range of maternity wear designed to provide support for the bump.  Aimed primarily at women who choose to stay active during pregnancy the range is so comfortable and stylish that it becomes a ‘must-have’ for everyday and leisurewear as well as for exercise. is a useful and informative resource for pregnant women with hints and tips about exercise, yoga and nutrition so sales of the clothes are supported by a positive brand identity for pregnant women with an inclusive community that provides support and advice.

The brand is actively promoted through online and offline media to raise awareness of the range and the importance of exercise during pregnancy.  Additional images and information for web content or blogs are readily available on request.

At any one time 800,000 women in the UK are pregnant and this market is constantly being refreshed.  It is a period of their lives when women expect to spend more money - the baby and maternity market is forecast to rise up to £151million by 2014 (Mintel)

Three styles of top range from the wholly unique ‘High Support’ top that lifts the weight of the bump onto back and shoulders (like a bra for the bump!) perfect for high impact activities and for women who need additional support; the ‘Mamma Support’ top that offer mid range support and the ‘Gentle Support’ top that is ideal for everyday wear and gentle exercise.

The leggings (available as shorts, ¾ capris and full length leggings) have a wide panel that supports the bump.  Ideal for any form of exercise from walking, yoga or Pilates through to running or cycling they also work well under a tunic or jumper for everyday wear.

The clothes are manufactured to the highest quality with high cotton content for comfort;  elastane to ensure they work throughout the pregnancy and for post-natal wear as well;  CoolDry for freshness and lovely strong and attractive colours and styling.

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