Freemans - Affiliate Program


Date joined Paid On Results: 01st June 2005

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 365 Day(s)

Merchant URL:

Product Feed: Yes

Freemans was founded over 100 years ago, and is a household name in home shopping, shipping to addresses in the UK including Northern Ireland only.

We offer flexible ways to pay and spread  the cost, giving much desired credit to our customers, making their purchases more affordable.

We have two main catalogues per year and a range of smaller publications, a dedicated UK based call centre and our own distribution network. The website is continually optimised to increase conversion and make the customer journey simpler. Freemans boasts a vast product range spanning fashion, homes and electricals with top brands like French Connection, Morgan and Warehouse.

Freemans is part of Otto UK and we also have three other programmes with Paid on Results: Grattan, Look Again and Kaleidoscope


About the Freemans programme

  • Initial cookie period of 60 days from last click to first order
  • Commission paid on all orders by new customers
  • Commission also paid on all subsequent orders by those new customers for 365 days
  • Commission 10% on all fashion items. 5% for homes and electricals
  • No clawbacks for returns
  • 20% new customer discount
  • Target customer: female, 25-40
  • Shipping: UK and Northern Ireland only, free delivery
  • Credit accounts available for customers

More detail

  • Commission paid on first orders (from new customers), and all subsequent orders for 365 days, whether they are made over the phone or on-line
  • A new customer is attributed to an affiliate on the basis of last click.
  • Commission is paid on the value of goods despatched to the customer. - No clawbacks for returns.
  • At Freemans, we use a 10-day batch process to calculate commissions
  • We have some restrictions for PPC affiliates. It is not permitted to bid on the term or any terms containing the word montage or any variations or misspells.

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

Additional terms and conditions for Freemans Catalogue (“Freemans”) Program.

These are in addition to those set out in the Paid On Results Affiliate Terms. These terms and conditions apply to the Freemans brand.

1. Search Engine Pay for Performance advertising (PPC)

1.1 You agree not to directly or indirectly bid on the brand names Freemans or any confusingly similar words, mis-spells or derivatives of the brand. This includes Google, Miva, MSN and Yahoo and any other PPC provider.

1.2 You agree not to use, as the display URL in Google, or any other PPC provider or generally mislead the consumer into believing the advertisement is from the official Freemans site. This includes all PPC keywords.

1.3 You agree not to bid on Grattan brand names (see clause 1.1) or use, as the display URL (see clause 1.2) for the purpose of diverting consumers to Freemans competitors or any other website.

2. You agree not to put the Freemans website into frames or use masked URLs.

3. You agree not to run Add to Favourite pop ups or campaigns on your site that lead the consumer to believe they are book-marking the official Freemans site.

4. You agree to allow users to navigate your site using the browser back button.

5. You agree not to alter any of the creative or logos presented in the Paid On Results interface and will only use those that are available. Any creative not supplied through the Paid On Results network can only be used with approval from Freemans.

Freemans Sample Creative

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