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Secure Funeral Solutions Ltd founded in 2015 has grown to become the largest independent broker in the UK specialising in Prepaid Funeral Plans.

Typically we will handle around 25000 enquiries every month and help around 2000 customers plan their personal funeral.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and are recognised with a 5 star service review rating on Trustpilot.

We advise clients throughout the UK from our Head office in Sheffield and partner with the key funeral plan providers in the UK including Dignity, Coop, Pure Cremation and Safehands.

Providing the best advice to consumers on this important topic, our skill and reputation for both the quality of what we do and the quality of how we look after our staff is well known.

Funeral Guard Brand site

Our main brand website is Some of our current lead providers achieve an 18%+ conversion rate on this website. The website validates email addresses; and both UK landline and Mobile numbers. This massively increases the conversion rate from Lead to Sale, and also reduces the number of returned leads due to fake, incorrect and hoax data.

We will expect a conversion rate of 7% or over from lead to sale. Any affiliates not hitting this quality metric will be given a chance to improve the lead quality or be removed from the program.

Target market

  • Over 40’s – However, the older, the better the conversion rate. So:
  • 66-70, 116 index
  • 71-75, 159 index
  • 75+, 238 index
  • UK Based – excluding Guernsey

Experian FSS profiles

  • M45, Silver Wellbeing 275 index
  • M44, Privileged Pensioners, 229 index
  • M46, Single Custodians, 165 index
  • N48, Dual Pension Freedom, 162 index
  • M47, Tranquil Times, 137 index

Marital Status

  • Married, 113 index

Household income

  • £20k-£30k, 114 index
  • £30k-£40k, 128 index

Household Prop Value

  • £200k to £1.5m

Household residency

  • 11+ years, 111 index

The product and Unique selling points

  • We Compare the UK’s top funeral plans.
  • Free Will writing service worth £149 with every plan.
  • Funeral Plans start from as little as 54p* per day.
  • Guaranteed acceptance – no medical restrictions.

Commission Rates

  • Cashback Affiliates are paid on completed sale, and no commission is paid on leads which track in real time as 0p transactions
  • All other Affiliates are paid per valid lead only

Definition of a valid lead

We will return and not pay for any leads that contain fake or hoax details. This includes Non UK Landline or Mobile numbers, fake numbers (local taxi firm or Take Aways for example), Fake names (Micky Mouse, Peter Pan, David Beckham for example); and fake email addresses ( for example).

Definition of a completed sale

  • Where the sale completes within 30 days of the lead being received in our CRM.

Commission for a completed sale is paid 3 calendar months after the first payment is made, of a monthly Direct Debit payment plan; or in full.

Commission for a completed sale will not be paid if

  • the Secure Funeral Solutions team are unable to contact the user within 14 days of the order confirmation.
  • the user applies an additional discount that reduces the overall purchase price, this may cause cashback to be declined or reduced. e.g Voucher codes, student discount, staff discount.
  • the user participates in any other offer or promotion that is not covered in this cashback offer.
  • the user, Secure Funeral Solutions, or the Provider, cancels the plan before cashback is deposited into the users Cashback account.
  • the user does not pay for their Funeral Plan in full or, if paying by Direct Debit the users payments are not kept up to date for the first 3 monthly payments.
  • the user obtains a quote through one Cashback site, and purchase through a Price Comparison Site or a different Cashback site.
  • the user obtains a quote through a Price Comparison Site and purchase through a Cashback site.
  • the user obtains a quote through Funeral Guard or direct with Secure Funeral Solutions, and purchase through a Cashback site or a Price Comparison Site.
  • the quote or application is not fully completed.

Lead Attribution

We work to a first click attribution model across all marketing channels.


We will not pay for any duplicate leads from the same affiliate provider. We will de-duplication against any leads generated by our own Branded PPC campaigns.


All Affiliates MUST be GDPR compliant. Any complaints received by Secure Funeral Solutions as a result of Affiliate activity will result in immediate removal from the program and no outstanding commission paid.

Program Commission Tiers

Completed Sale

Cashback Affiliates

£100.00 per completed sale

All other Affiliates

£0.00 per completed sale

Valid Lead

Cashback Affiliates

£0.00 per valid lead

All other Affiliates

1+ leads per month

£10.00 per valid lead

1000+ leads per month

£12.00 per valid lead

2000+ leads per month

£14.00 per valid lead

3000+ leads per month

£16.00 per valid lead

4000+ leads per month

£18.00 per valid lead

5000+ leads per month

£20.00 per valid lead

Program Restrictions

Please use the Funeral Guard Brand, logo and creatives provided through the Paid On Results Affiliate Control Panel and Merchant Logo Creator. Advertorials can be created by affiliates. We can also provide advertorials to link to up on request.

Non Available Channels, Assets and Practices

  • Mentioning or advertising Life Insurance of any kind

  • Email marketing. (Without explicit permission and vetting beforehand)

  • Voucher codes

  • Unauthorised and Fake Social Media Profiles or Accounts

  • Use of widgets from; or linking to our Trustpilot review profile

  • Unauthorised remarketing/retargeting of audience data collected on any of our properties or social profiles.

PPC Restrictions: Use of / or bidding on, our brand terms listed below, using exact, phrase, broad, or close matching variations and spelling mistakes is strictly forbidden.

  • Secure Funeral Solutions

  • Funeral Guard

  • Compare Funeral Options

  • My Funeral Quote

  • Retired Choices

Funeral Guard Sample Creative

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