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Headed by a Management Team with over 50 years combined experience, is the UK's leading retailer of GPS Car tracker systems, integrated dash cams and fleet telematics solutions.

Once a customer makes a purchase on our e-commerce site, we offer them a convenient nationwide mobile installation service where one of our accredited Engineers will carry out any work required at their home or work address.

Why join our program?

We are first and only company within the Affiliate Network specialising in vehicle tracker systems and with an average transaction value of £350, our rate of 4% on dash cams and 10% on all other sales gives Affiliates an opportunity to earn a higher than average commission for each individual sale.

Our Sales Director, Alex is overseeing this program personally and is committed to dealing with all queries, suggestions and pay outs promptly.

Our Products

Below you will find a breakdown of the different types of products that we sell, what their benefits are and who our potential customers are.

GPS Car Tracker Systems

These are systems that allow a customer's vehicle to be tracked in real time on their phone app or by a 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

  • They are discreet
  • Wired into a vehicle's electrical system
  • Extremely difficult to find.
  • Use the GPS satellite network and radio waves to pinpoint location
  • Recovery rates of over 90% of stolen vehicles

Potential customers will usually be:

  • People who have just purchased a high-performance, sports or luxury car with a value of over £50,000
  • Individuals buying car insurance and have been told that they must install a tracker system as a condition of cover
  • Victims of car theft
  • People who are looking for peace of mind

Fleet Telematics are the exclusive distributors for the Revista Telematics Fleet Management System.

  • Once installed, this system helps businesses to remotely monitor their vehicle fleet
  • Fleet Managers will then be able to improve efficiency by tracking exactly where their vehicles are to optimise cover
  • Information such as speeding, excessive braking and harsh cornering is recorded
  • Ability to share vehicle location with customer
  • Journey history with ability to log private mileage
  • Set up geofences to create alerts when vehicle enters or exits an area e.g. ULEZ/Congestion Charge zones
  • Driver style can be reviewed to encourage better driving behaviour which will save a business money
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs through reduced wear and tear
  • Lower fuel costs through improved vehicle efficiency.

Potential customers will include:

  • Any small business owners that use vans, cars or motorcycles
  • Tradespeople that run commercial vehicles for their field employees
  • Fleet Managers working within a company that run company cars
  • Managers within organisations that operate lorries within the field of Logistics
  • Decision makers within the car rental sector

Dash Cams

There are several big retailers that sell dash cams, however are unique in that we also install the system for the customer

  • Hard wired into car’s internal electrical system to allow Park Mode
  • Records movement even whilst car is unattended
  • Ability for Live View from customer’s smart phone
  • Hides away all the wires
  • No unsightly wires dangling in the cabin vs over the counter systems

Potential customers would include:

  • People who are fearful of an increasingly litigious society where being a victim of fraudulent accident claims is a real concern to them
  • Commercial vehicle operators would also benefit from having a dash cam system installed as they would then be able to see behind the vehicle to aid parking and increase their level of safety
  • Private hire/Cab drivers as we have a system that records activity within the cabin of the car. With video footage, they would be able to protect themselves from malicious claims by passengers.

Program Commission Tiers

Standard Purchase

10% of order value

Dash Cam products

4% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "ineedatracker", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines. Sample Creative

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