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Kwik-Fit Car Insurance

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Kwik-Fit Insurance Services was launched in 1995 and has grown to become one of the UK's leading Motor Insurance distributors. We take a straightforward approach to car insurance and focus highly on the needs of our customers.

At Kwik-Fit Insurance we understand that what really sells an insurance policy is its price and with a panel of top insurers we're able to shop around to get the best deal for our customers. An independent survey by Direct Excellence (Dec 2003) showed that customers who switched to Kwik-Fit Insurance saved on average £110.00. In addition, we also offer a unique benefit to our customers which is free membership to the Kwik-Fit Autosave Club. This entitles you to 10% discount on anything bought for the insured car from Kwik-Fit autocentres in the UK.

Other perks include repairs guaranteed for three years and free use of their 24-hour accident helpline and if you decide to go for our fully comprehensive cover then you can expect a guaranteed courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired as well as free round-the-clock windscreen repair.

So, why not link to Kwik-Fit Insurance's Website and earn £28.00 for every completed online sale.

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