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Date joined Paid On Results: 10th February 2005

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Magscriber is one of the leading UK suppliers of discounted magazine subscriptions and are rapidly becoming the first choice for magazine subscriptions. We are committed to providing quality titles at hugely discounted online prices. Your customers can save up to a huge 60% on their favourite magazines, or choose the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

Listing all the top publishers’ titles, Magscriber has the distinct benefit of being able to provide a wide choice of magazines across many interest types and different publishers. This provides our visitors with a great array of magazines to choose from. Even better, magazines are being added all the time.

It is strongly recommended that you link directly to our magazines as this increases conversion rates and thus means more commission for you! Please note! The links need to be set up exactly as they appear in our website for the tracking to work. Please take care when using deep linking. We are working to ensure that your reporting shows you which magazines you are selling!

Magscriber has a small team of experts continually optimising the site buying experience and ensuring that conversions are strong. Since its launch in 2004, the conversions have continued to increase, but we are far from resting on our laurels!

The numbers of conversions you make is entirely down to you. You will be strongly rewarded for actively promoting the site. So the money you earn can be limitless! We have subscriptions between £14 and upwards of £1,000 for some of our technical, niche publications.

As a partner with the Worldpay secure payment system, we invest in their experience and expertise in online ordering. The brand is trusted and recognised worldwide and we are very pleased with the service that Magscriber customers enjoy.

Deliveries can be made to the UK, Europe and Worldwide for selected magazines. This enables worldwide customers to enjoy the discounted magazines we offer, and not only UK customers.

We have a team of designers available to create banners and graphical elements that ‘push the right buttons’ to drive sales generated from your site. A number of these graphics are readily available to download.

For our top performers, it may be possible to create entirely bespoke banners and graphics appropriate to your site visitors. Magscriber is always open to affiliates suggestions, if there is a particular message that would really work on your site.

Commission rate varies from 5% to 8% depending in the value of each individual sale.

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

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