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Date joined Paid On Results: 24th July 2012

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Meanfellas' diverse range of exclusive T-shirts enables affiliates the chance to appeal to a huge range of potential customers, whilst still maintaining a point of difference in a market that is often overcrowded in certain areas and under-served in others. By keeping ALL design work in house we can now guarantee that if a customer wants one of our T-shirts they can't go elsewhere for it - thereby helping to protect your affiliate commission safe from being spent elsewhere.

We have made a conscious decision to target the more cerebral T-shirt wearer but avoiding the current vogue for clichéd, crass and tasteless T-shirt designs. This has seen our audience broaden far beyond the traditional 18 to 25 market.  

  • Literary T-shirts: Our specialist area of exclusive literary designs cannot be matched and its customers are easily (and therefore profitably) identifiable
  • Classic TV T-shirts: T-shirts inspired by the characters, brands and locations in classic TV shows from the UK, US and Australia.
  • Sports T-shirts: As only 12 year olds should be seen in public wearing replica kits, our range of are designed as the thinking man's sports T-shirts.
  • Geek Humour: Geek, or as we like to call it.... "educated". Celebrating the world of technology, sci-fi, comic books, cult films and intellectual debate.
  • Political: Political designs and slogans including designs based on many historic politic figures.
  • Profanitorium: We have spurned the stupidly crass and offensive T-shirts, we do still like a well-crafted profanity - such as the odd insult in Latin or a bit of the old fashioned British seaside humour of the Carry On  films.
  • Seasonal: Our seasonal designs are ideal to tap into the gift market, making it easier to target not only the Christmas market, but other potentially valuable gift markets such as Father's Day, Easter, Graduation, St Patrick's Day etc.

Meanfellas is therefore in a great position to appeal to both a mainstream audience as well as those valuable niche customers. The range of T-shirts is regularly expanded, given affiliates the opportunity to continually target customers with new products.

Why You Should Join Our Affiliate Programme

  • Affordable prices make impulse buys more likely
  • Free postage for all customers
  • Buy 3 get 4th Free is a uniform promotion that encourages all customers into multiple purchases
  • 1 in 2 customers buys more than one T-shirt
  • Exclusive product
  • Excellent rapport with customers
  • Product feed RSS feed
  • Low level of product returns
  • Regular promotions and discount codes
  • Genuinely unique product (ALL designs are created inhouse)

Regular Promotions

We regularly have discount and multi-buy promotions.  We keep all affiliates up to date with promotions via email, and always welcome feedback as well as requests for specific promotions.


All designs are offered in male, female and child sizes and is a variety of styles including hoodies, long sleeve Tees and vest tops. Traditionally most sales of printed T-shirts are for men, however we have a good proportion of women customers, especially with our literary designs. There are also excellent gift market oportunity to both men and women with Meanfellas.

Our significant peak periods are spring and Christmas, however, with our "Seasonal & In The News Section" updated regularly there are also excellent opportunities around key news events, holidays (eg, Easter, Christmas etc) and other notable celebrations such as (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc)  As you would expect the majority of purchases come from the UK but we do a have an increasingly large following in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe with the following breakdown:

70% UK purchases
10% US & Canada
10% Europe
10% Australia and the rest of the world

Why our customers shop with us:

  1. Unique product
  2. Standard "buy 3 get 4th free" offer available to all customers without the need for a code
  3. Great value – even in tough financial times, the prices remain affordable
  4. “Gotta Have It” – many customers arrive looking for one thing but leave with plenty more besides, due to the extensive catalogue and cross selling features.
  5. "Always On" shopping cart & quick checkout leading to fewer abandoned carts
  6. Easy to use website with simple category breakdown
  8. Excellent range of sizes, styles and colours - including up to 6XL
  9. Regular special deals and promotions
  10. New products added regularly
  11. If it’s listed, then it’s in stock and available

As a family run company, you know that you can always get to the people that make the decisions, and if there is ANYTHING we can do to help make your campaign a success, you only need to ask

Our Promotions

We are always extending the PR for all our products and are always happy to discuss specific promotions for your specific needs.

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Meanfellas", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, on PPC search engines.

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