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Myinternetpass is UK’s first and market leading prepaid internet access service.

Myinternetpass is based on the hugely successful prepaid phone model offering a freephone number with no contracts, no subscriptions, and no hidden monthly costs - Myinternetpass is the convenient new way to surf the internet and save money.

How does Myinternetpass work?
Users buy their pass online and can access the Internet immediately after receiving their pass details - a unique "user name", "password" and freephone telephone number – sent by email. They find any computer with a modem and enter the user name and password and freephone telephone number into their dial-up networking software or Internet connection wizard and then press connect. That's it. NO special software or hardware, NO activation, NO contract and most importantly, NO phone bill!

There are two Myinternetpass options, ‘30-days Anytime’ and ‘2000 minutes Anytime’. Both are priced at £10.00 GBP each meaning Myinternetpass users can connect £10 at an amazing rate of 0.5p per minute at all times.

What they say about Myinternetpass:
The Observer - "At £10 a month, this is cheaper than any other standard unmetered service, beyond free or discounted introductory offers"

PC Answers - "If you don’t need regular 24-hours-a-day internet access, these cards provide a perfect solution. With access costs at just half a pence per minute, you'd be hard pushed to find a cheaper option."

Carol Voderman - "While you can avoid commitment by using a PAYG account or sidestep telephone charges by paying a fixed monthly fee for unmetered access, Myinternetpass lets you do both......Because it's possible to have several accounts set up on a single computer, students or anybody else living in shared accommodation or sharing a computer can benefit - and that means the family, too.....Myinternetpass would also make an ideal gift or stocking-filler for children, or even an appealing alternative to pocket money."

PC Advisor - "When using Myinternetpass households with an average pay-as-you-go, metered service could cut their bills by as much £192 a year".

Passes are usually delivered within minutes of purchase to a maximum of 24 hours.

The Program
We are really pleased that you are considering our affiliate program and hope that you will become part of the prepaid revolution.

How the process works from affiliate referral to commission. A new customer is referred by you via the affiliate link on your website. If the customer makes a purchase we then allocate the commission to the affiliate referrer.

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

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