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my little Bubba is an online retailer of pregnancy, baby and toddler items and gifts. Our aim is twofold: (i) do the research for parents-to-be and new parents so that they know they are purchasing only the most useful products and (ii) provide baby gifts which recipients who are parents-to-be or parents will actually use and enjoy.


my little Bubba was started when its owners fell pregnant and set about buying everything that they had thought was necessary when having a baby. After their daughter was born, they realised that, despite having done a lot of research, they had fallen into the common trap of buying so many items which were not useful and ended up not being used.  As their daughter got older and they talked to other parents,  they realised they had also missed out on a lot of useful items which were not visible on shop shelves or the high street stores’ websites.

In addition, the majority of gifts they had received both at their baby shower and from visitors after their daughter had been born were items which were cute but did not help them to face parenthood.

If only there had been someone who could have helped direct them to products which other parents had found useful and had actually used….and so my little Bubba was born.

Our point of difference

We only stock items which have either (i) gone through a 4 week testing period with parents who then provide detailed feedback which we summarise and put up on the website or (ii) been recommended or are used by midwives or specialists in their field (eg. ante-natal consultants, sleep trainers, weaning specialists). In this way, parents who buy with us know that the products they see on our website will be useful for them. We highlight award-winning items which have been created by other parents, so that such items, which are so useful, are easily visible to consumers.

We also use our experience to create gift boxes which contain a mix of cute items and practical products - this means that while each giftbox looks as good as other gifts on the market, the parents (or parents-to-be) who receive the gift will actually use and value the items inside. We believe that if our customers are spending money on gifts, their money should be spent on items which parents want to receive.

In addition to selling products, we create a range of blogposts covering parenthood in order to help parents-to-be and new parents through their journey. Using our blog and social media accounts, we aim to act as aconduit through which parents can make use of other parent’s experiences (not just in purchasing items, but general parenthood issues such as loneliness, sleeping, feeding, and fitness). We have created various lists covering what items are required at each stage of parenthood (pregnancy, weaning, first holiday etc.). Our aim is to help parents through the difficult initial stages of parenthood.

Best value

In addition to only stocking a carefully chosen range of products, we pride ourselves on keeping our costs lower than Amazon and high street stores, thereby providing the best value to our customers.

Target customers

On the retail side, our target customers are pregnant couples or new parents with a child between 0-18months. On the gift side our target customers are people aged between 25-40 who have friends who are having babies.

Program Commission Tiers

£1+ sales value per month

3% of order value

£750.00+ sales value per month

4% of order value

£1500.00+ sales value per month

5% of order value

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