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Mate, I think we should do something…I don’t know what yet” 

Hailing from Hackney and Camden respectively, we were two Londoners with a desire to make something, What we didn’t know yet and that was exciting. 

A chat in the haze of a Manny day party planted the seed, a chance meeting with an eyewear collector connected watered it. OD started when we realised frames straddle style and fashion, that we never went anywhere without our sunglasses. And it was the going anywhere that really sealed the deal. 

Obsessed with the summer, just like the city we hail from. We now travel the markets, alleys and antique stores of Europe, finding the vintage gems that inspire our collection, and meeting the people who inspire our ethic. It’s this mix of old style and new thinking, that we bring back to our workshop and put into each pair of ODs.


Every pair of OD frames start with scouring the streets of Europe to find the classic frames that form the basis of all our designs. We’ve found treasure in warehouse store cupboards, dingy front rooms and side street markets.

But this ain’t a copycat thing.

We spend weeks, sometimes months re-designing, modernising and putting our own touch on the frames we find. Turning a dusty old gem, into our idea of a modern classic. 

We then make our final frames from hand finished Mazzucchelli acetate. They’re Italian, if the name didn’t give it away, and they’ve been top of their game since 1849. 

Our tinted lenses are made from lightweight CR-39 plastic and coated for proper UV protection.


Our Product

Every collection is inspired by a pair of vintage frames and influenced by the journey of finding them. This summer’s collection is inspired by two pairs of frames. Both made in the 1950’s, originally his and hers ‘Safety’ frames. The Oscar Deen color pallet borrows a lot from what’s around us especially things that naturally interact with light or have translucence. Like street lights reflected in the river, honey, brindled coats,  jasmine tea against porcelain, olives, and leather...all sorts.  

Customer base.

We’ve consciously tried to be an accessible brand, so it’s hard to lump everyone under one description, but broadly speaking we’d describe them as social explorers. Discerning and inquisitive, socially/politically informed. Interested in the myriad forms creativity takes. Define themselves by the qualities of what they do first and what they buy second

90% Male customers 25-45 years old 

Benefits of customers choosing us over others.

We are a UK sunglasses brand, our customers see themselves in our content and imagery. Rather than buying the same pair of sunglasses all your mates have, our customers have found a great independent brand that offers style and quality as a standard. 

Our imagery is different from the typical sunglasses brands, it's relatable and unique compared to the standard eyewear content you find. 



Program Commission Tiers

15% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Oscar Deen", "oscardeen.com", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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