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Pestle takes its inspiration from the natural origin of all medicines, perfumes and ingredients: herbs. Visitors to the site want to know about how herbs can help them with minor ailments, increase their energy levels or help them relax, or indeed wash their clothes! They can buy from one of the best selection of herbal products in the UK or learn how to make some of them themselves.

Pestle Herbs is an ecommerce and destination site for customers who have lost faith in some of the mainstream manufacturers of products for the body or the home, ones in which ingredients have been chosen for cost as opposed to wellbeing, and products which in some cases cause more problems than they solve because they contain harmful chemical or irritants.

What We Sell

The products sold by Pestle are all essentially plant-based and contain only herbal ingredients. Each product has open and honest ingredient information, in some cases based on easy to recreate recipes that the customer can also use to make their own versions. Our dried herbs are ethically-sourced, organic dried herbs and our products are hand-selected from the leading natural health and beauty brands such as A Vogel, Bio Health, Dr Stuarts, Faith In Nature, Herbfarmacy, Kneipp, Potter's Herbals, Pukka, Schwabe, Urtekram and Weleda.

Who We Sell To

Today's health and beauty consumer is more demanding, more investigative and more self-willed. This same consumer is also more anxious about herself, about her children, and about the impact the production of what she buys has on the environment. This need to understand how products are made and how they effect us and our children has also led our consumer to make more things herself because she doesnt trust the 'larger' mainstream suppliers to make a product honestly and ethically: more food than ever is sourced locally and organically, more beauty products are bought containing natural or organic ingredients and more people than ever are being drawn into a world of 'homemade' and 'handmade' products for the home and for the family.

Never before have international pharmaceutical companies been looked on with such mistrust and a lack of belief that they can cure us with, for example, anitbiotics for infections or anti-depressants for stress and anxiety. Pestle customers therefore are either of the below or somewhere in between:

  1. Consumers (predominently ABC1) who wants to buy naturally made, ethically sound, herbal products for remedies, washing or well-being.
  2. Anyone who wants to control what is put into the products in her home to such a degree she wants to make them herself.

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

Affiliates may not make use of any Pestle Herbs trademarks, such as the Pestle Herbs brand name or any trademarked products (including any variations or misspells of the brand name and trademarks) in their PPC ads and domain names.

PPC Restrictions: We do not want affiliates to compete with our own campaign or to drive up our costs.

PPC bidding on the Pestle Herbs brand name is not allowed.

Do NOT bid on "brand + generic" keywords, such as "pestleherbs offers", "pestle herbs voucher codes" and simliar.

Using the Pestle Herbs URL as your display URL or using our name within a structure such as is NOT allowed however using our name as a suffix is allowed e.g.

You may not make use of and Pestle Herbs trademark names in your PPC ads.

We will reverse commissions and reject any affiliates found breaking our PPC Restrictions

We reserve the right to refuse any affiliate that Pestle Herbs believes is acting dishonestly or without the best intentions of the Pestle Herbs brand and the industry.

Affiliates may make use of the name Pestle Herbs in the description.

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