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Date joined Paid On Results: 22nd March 2011

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 90 Day(s)

Merchant URL:

In the current economic climate it’s a wise move to cut back on non-essential purchases such as National Lottery tickets – however the launch of a clever new search engine, Search Lotto, means that you don’t have to give up your hopes of a lottery windfall. 

Partnered by Yahoo!, Search Lotto provides a new way to play the National Lottery for free. UK internet users are rewarded with one free UK National Lottery entry for every 25 searches made through the site, joining a syndicate of ten players.  Users can even print off their ticket to enjoy the moment of checking their numbers each Saturday.

Using a feed from a major search engine ensures that search results from Search Lotto compare with those from any of the market leaders.  Funded by advertising partners, the site is completely free for all users, with no membership or registration costs.

Great benefits available to you:

  • 50p comission per new user
  • 90 day cookie length
  • Wide range of banners and narratives
  • Fast response and support from dedicated affiliate manager
  • Exciting new and unique service that is completely free to the user

Search Lotto is attracting thousands of new users each month and we are excited to work with affiliates to grow this further. Please contact if you have any questions or need any assistance in implementing this program.

Our Affiliate Program

Affiliates are paid when a user they referred receives their first free Lottery entry (i.e. once they have completed 25 verified searches). Typically, most new users will receive their first entry within a week of joining the site.

There are several factors that determine whether a search by a user is perceived to be valid and therefore a verified search. These factors include checking whether the search phrase is identical or extremely similar to recent searches.  We also throttle members search queries so that only one search query is verified every two minutes - this is to help prevent abuse of the service and the use of automated robots or scripts.  Additionally, users can only accumulate up to 10 verified searches per day. These safeguards are in place to help ensure the service can be enjoyed fairly by all users.

Please ensure your Affiliate Profile is up to date and contains the websites you plan on using to promote Search Lotto.  If you have multiple websites please only join using the websites you plan on using to promote Search Lotto, you can use the options on this page to join via the individual websites if you have multiple sites listed.  Search Lotto may need to forward your website onto Yahoo! to ensure it is suitable for promoting Search Lotto.

Please only promote Search Lotto via the websites you were approved for, if you promote Search Lotto via sites not listed in your Affiliate Profile or ones not approved by the Merchant, your commission will be cancelled.

Program Commission Tiers

£0.50 per member after 25 verified searches

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Search Lotto", "" or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines. In additional to this please do not bid on the names or brands of popular lotteries, such as but not limited to "Camelot" or "National Lottery".

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