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Date joined Paid On Results: 12th September 2008

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 60 Day(s)

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The Stauer Story

We at Stauer come from a long line of watch collectors, historians and craftsmen. The golden era of watch design started in the late 1910's and continued right through the 1950's. Vintage watch collecting is a great hobby that has proved to be a great investment as prices have soared in recent years. Most people can't afford a 1926 Patek Philippe® or a 1936 Rolex® Princeä - each are priced above £100,000 when in good condition.

Today watch lovers can own vintage designed watches with classic automatic movements for the best values ever seen. Today, watch lovers can own a Stauer. True watch aficionados love automatic movements when they can feel that watch come alive with a little shake of the wrist.

With 21 to 27 Jeweled Automatic movements on most styles and with Classic designs that would be seen in watch history books, Stauer produces brilliant watches that were once only available to the gentry.

You deserve to enjoy some of life's true luxuries and you have come to the right place. We value your time and thank you for visiting Stauer. We look forward to many years of serving you well!

  • Rolex is a registered trademark of Rolex Watch USA, Inc.
  • Patek Philippe is a registered trademark of Henri Stern Watch Agency, Inc.

The Affiliate Program

This affiliate program has been set up and managed by, one of the leading brand in Jewelry and Watch industry.

Key Features

  • Base Commission: 15 %
  • Cookie period : 60 days
  • High average product cost : £425
  • Easy-to-navigate site
  • Clear and concise check-out process
  • Only ‘in-stock products’ can be added to basket (stock checked daily)
  • Frequent promotions are offered
  • Normal pricing is sector-competitive
  • Product Feed available


  • Industry sized banners (promotional, brand and content)
  • Text links
  • Affiliate unique created landing pages, available upon request.
  • Product Feeds
  • Content Units / Widgets
  • Copy
  • PR

Affiliate Partner Panel by invitation only. ( may invite you to become part of their Stauer Affiliate program Affiliate Program Advantage, we want your views and your input, in return we will offer higher commission tiers and you get the chance to get a head of the rest in terms of promos and unique landing pages.

Commission claw backs

We will be clawing back affiliate commissions based on fraudulent sales and based on returns. There will be a ten working day delay on validation of affiliate commissions, this is long enough for most returns to occur. We will be monitoring this carefully.

Terms and conditions affiliate program stands for Ethical and Fair, we do not work with any partner that may bring our clients, our affiliate network partners, our company or the industry into disrepute. This includes, spyware, forced cookies, bogus untracked cash back claims, affiliates who flout the ppc rules, affiliates who are still displaying expired voucher or promotional codes to their visitors. We reserve the right to refuse affiliates where by we feel they do not have the best interests of our clients, our affiliate network partners and the industry at heart. In such a scenario specific reasons will be given to the affiliate for why they have been refused.

Affiliates are bound by the terms and conditions of the affiliate networks in which the affiliate program is being operated through, please make sure you read their terms and conditions.

The Stauer Group will pay affiliates in a timely fashion, the allocation and payment of affiliate commissions will be based on the affiliate networks own payment thresholds. Please ensure you read the affiliate networks terms and conditions.

We welcome cross boarder affiliates where by they are able to monetize their UK targeted traffic, please look at geo targeting, IP tracking.

Affiliates are responsible for the setting up and displaying their own tracking links.  Affiliates are responsible for their own website content. Affiliates are required to pay their own VAT and TAX on affiliate commissions that they earn.

We are required to give you advance notification of:

  1. Changes in our terms and conditions.
  2. Client website down time (where by this is out of the control of the Stauer group example ISP falls over, we are not responsible for affiliate commission and loss of earnings)
  3. Changes on the website in terms of product changes, postal charge changes, product price changes, product url changes, changes in the clients own site terms and conditions, privacy policy and anything else that we feel you need to get prior advance notification.


Stauer group will only compensate affiliates for loss of earnings if there site goes down without prior warning and excluding external factors like their hosting providers or affiliate network tracking or major ISP outage, for a period of 72 hours, on 73rd hour, the Stauer group will look at compensation and will be liaising with the associated affiliate network, we envisage should such a scenario occur, we would most likely average out what affiliates had been earning the week prior to down time.

We advocate good old fashioned common sense, if in doubt ask!

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: PPC bidding on the Stauer brand name is not allowed, similarly, affiliates may not bid on variations or misspells of the brand name, or use any of these terms in ppc search in the form of broad, exact or phrase matches. You may not bid on brand terms + generic terms, for example Stauer watches. We would also ask that you negatively match such terms in your ppc ads to ensure that your ads do not appear for the Stauer brand name or any brand terms.

Use of the Stauer URL as your display URL is likewise not allowed.

We will reverse commissions and reject any affiliates found breaking our PPC Restrictions.

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