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TriPollar™ Technologies. is a leading aesthetic home device company and the creator of the TriPollar™ STOP™ clinical skin renewal device and TriPollar™ POSE™ clinical skin tightening device, bringing professional medical and aesthetic solutions direct to the consumer for home use.

TriPollar™ STOP™ and TriPollar™ POSE™ are innovative hand held devices powered by TriPollar™ Radio Frequency (RF) technology. This 3rd generation RF technology has already transformed the professional beauty market with clinically-proven anti-ageing treatments that boost skin renewal; producing younger, smoother skin. Now the same proven technology is available in a sleek, palm-sized device offering professional results at home.

TriPollar™ STOP™ Clinical Skin Renewal Device - FOR FACE - reverses the signs of aging, bringing about a fresh, younger look that until now could only be achieved through professional treatments.

TriPollar™ POSE™ Clinical Skin Tightening Device - FOR BODY - delivers immediate and long lasting aesthetic results such as skin tightening, circumference reduction and cellulite reduction.

Join the Tripollar Affiliate Marketing Program and get 20% commission on all sales on your website. TriPollar™ STOP™ and TriPollar™ POSE™ are currently being sold at upscale British department stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and is the perfect product to add to your Aesthetics and Beauty portfolio.

TriPollar™ Treatments are not just another cream or fly by night miracle gadget. Since inception, Ultragen has offered added value and uniqueness to our products. First to offer scientific development in the treatment of aging skin, the only treatment developed for all skin colors that have visible, clear-cut results from the very first treatment.

The company’s flagship product, TriPollar™ STOP™, followed by the release of TriPollar™ POSE™ are the first consumer products based on professional TriPollar™ RF technology for treatments of facial aging-skin and body skin tightening at home. TriPollar’s unique configuration, with its advanced control software is able to manage the power, the skin temperature, while selectively heating the collagen fibers and simultaneously penetrate through various depths, whereby treating the root of the problem and not just the symptoms, thus making the skin younger from within.

With lots of positive press behind it, the buzz on this product is hot. See our 'In the News' page for a taste of the reviews we have gotten.

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