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Supplement Place is a family run business based in beautiful Devon that has been operating for 15 plus years. We have the Directors; husband and wife, Colin and Susan (who are gradually trying to retire), their two daughters Holly – Product & Development Manager, Sophie – Office Manager and Sophie’s fiancée Byron – Warehouse Manager.

What started as Colin’s hobby and keen interest in natural products, natural health and the how, what and why of herbal ingredients soon developed into the origins of what Supplement Place is today. The more Colin investigated the UK supplement industry the more he could not understand why natural, healthy products were of such poor quality with such a high price tag. It became his mission to improve on what was available on the market at the time. Over 15 years later we are still going strong and continue to work to provide the best quality supplements available.

Our Main Priorities As A Business


In order to understand what ingredients are suited to a particular condition or ailment, research is key. We aim to source products that can offer real benefits and we do extensive research to find new and exciting products or simply to improve existing products.

Highest Quality Ingredients

We do not sell anything that we would not be comfortable taking ourselves. There are many inferior products on the market made with cheap, poor quality ingredients, but we will always be sure to source the best quality ingredients available and if we cannot find them, we simply will not sell them. We also understand the need for wholefood sources, rather than synthetic sources for ingredients to promote better health.

Use Trusted Sources

Most of our herbal extracts are sourced from the UK or EU and most of our capsules are made for us in the UK using only the purest ingredients. We have used the same UK manufacturer for many years. Supplement Place formulas are our own recipes and blends and are manufactured especially for us to our own high standards.

No Unnecessary Fillers

Most of our products will include rice bran as this helps the ingredients flow through the capsule machine smoothly. However, you will not find any other unnecessary fillers, preservatives, additives or sugars in our supplements.

Customer Service

We are incredibly lucky to have so many loyal customers that continue to shop with us year after year. We always aim to provide the best customer service possible, whether that be researching specific conditions to find the best product, taking orders, answering queries, or simply having a chat.

Money-Back Guarantee

Whilst we hope that everyone finds a supplement suitable and helpful for them, we understand that not everything will be suitable for everyone. So, we offer a money-back guarantee on all products.

Use Recyclable Packaging Where Possible

We love the planet and try to do our bit where we can. We send our capsules in recyclable letter-box friendly pots and our powders in recyclable pouches that are made from renewable or sustainable materials with recyclable scoops. Most of our padded envelopes are made using at least 60% recycled material and the paper can easily be separated from the bubble wrap.

Mail Friendly Packaging

Where possible we supply all items in streamlined envelopes and mail-friendly packaging. This long, thin style of container and packaging ensures more deliveries can be posted through your letterbox.

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Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Supplement Place", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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