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The Beauty & The Taste is a fine wine online boutique, a small eCommerce enterprise with a selected number of mid-high range wines from the most important wine regions in the world and some of the most iconic wine makers. The website is designed around customers that want to access premium wines and purchase them by the bottle in order to try them and become long term clients. That would be achievable providing them the elements and the information to justify such expense.

The customers are not necessarily wine experts, but comfortable with online purchases in general and attracted to, and suitable for, mid-high range products. They like high quality wines and they can afford them, but they feel daunted and lost in front of a long list of wines if no simple explanation is provided. The range is a select, yet comprehensive list of 45 fine wines covering both red and white wines, the most important grape varieties, the vast majority of them still.

The price range is between £25 and £145 per bottle and alongside that, the products can be filtered by intuitive preferences such as suitable occasion, food pairing, grape variety, aromas, style and colour.

All the wines can be purchased by the bottle and delivered next day to London and the United Kingdom.

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