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"Helping the Nation Sleep Better" - An extra large single duvet 

Big Little Duvet Co Ltd is owned by  Julia Bean and is based in Huworth, outside Darlington. The initial idea for this unique product was when her friend's two tall teenage sons were sleeping in single beds with standard sized single duvets. Every morning her sons complained that during the night they were waking up cold because their single duvet was too small. There was not enough width in the duvet which meant their backs were exposed everytime they turned over and there was not enough length to cover their feet. 

A UK manufacturer was sourced to produce the perfect sized duvet for single beds that gave the sleeper all the coverage they needed and  also looked aesthetically pleasing on the bed. This unique sized product is only available from BLD. 

Our extra large single duvet guarantees a great night's sleep due to the extra width & length (165cm x 220cm king size length, compared to a standard single @ 135cm x 190cm) 

Initially the extra large single duvet was aimed at adults sleeping in single beds however Julia has spent time in Scandinavia where couples sleep together with two individual duvets on their bed. This sparked the idea of introducing the "Scandi " way of sleeping to all adults in the UK. 

Target Market ( Big Little Duvet )

Primary - Household Consumers 

Secondary -Rentals/ Holiday Lets

Within our target market(s), we’ve identified the following demographic profiles to represent our ideal customers:


Customer 1  - 50+ Female/Male in single beds. Empty nesters, retired more disposable income.

Customer 2 - Couples with sleeping problems (includes duvet hoggers, menopausal women, differing body temps)

Customer 3_ Parents buying for teenagers who are still sleeping in single beds, 14 years +. Likely to be living in smaller houses.

Customer 4 -Students living away from home - Uni/College/Boarding School


Customer 5 - Independent Schools/ boarders

Customer 6 - Rentals/ Holiday lets

Core Products

Duvets & Cover Sets

  • Four different tog weights, 2.5 ,4.5, 10.5 &13.5 tog for every season and to suit an individuals body temperature. Made from 100% hollowfibre making them hyperallergenic and  washine washable.
  • Duvet cover sets specifically made to fit the Big Little Duvet. A range of contemporary, traditional and Scandinvian designs in 100% Cotton, 60/40 Cotton & Tencel and 50/50 easycare polycotton, includes two pillowcases.

Additional Bedding

  • Protectors for both duvets and mattresses waterproof and anti allergy
  • Fitted sheets for standard single and extra long single mattresses.


  • Student bedding packs include a 10.5 tog duvet, a medium support pillow, a fitted sheet and a 50/50 easycare polycotton.
  • Special  Bedding Collection to include a duvet in your tog choice & duvet covet set, a boudoir pillow with matching pillowcase. 

Sleep accessories

" Sleeping Beauties" is an exclusive range of Sleep Enhancers

  • Luxury anti-ageing sleep mask made in UK from the finest grade of silk, perfect for those times when you need to block out the light during the day, or on a flight or when the sunrise is earlier than when you want to rise. We chose 32 momme silk, the higher the momme the more premium mulberry silk. You won't find a sleep mask with a more pure or higher momme silk. Silk is super soft and has natural moisture retaining properties making it perfect for stopping the skin from drying out overnight around your delicate eye area. Avaliable in midnight blue, silver grey & blush pink. 
  • Our luxury ladies bed socks or lounge socks are made from 90% Alpaca wool making them superbly soft and comfy. 

Top benefits of wearing Alpaca wool socks
Four times warmer than wool. Active natural fibre wicks keeping your skin cool and dry. Outstanding comfort, lightweight, breathable and soft to skin. Natural odour resistance and antibacterial properties, hypoallergenic so they won't irritate your feet. Available in soft blue, pearl grey and blush pink sizes 4-7

  • Small Hot Water Bottle with Cosy Cover

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your mini hot water bottle the perfect companion on those chilly nights or days. Each bottle is covered with a handmade soft cotton padded cover finished with a satin ribbon.  Provides hours of snugness and relief from aches and pains. The perfect size to cuddle, place on your neck and shoulders or feet. Makes an ideal gift for all the family including children. Compact and easy to travel with. 7 designs. 

  • Serenity Candle & Diffuser

We want to help you sleep better. Feeling relaxed before bedtime is such an important factor in getting a great night's sleep. The process of relaxing should start before you actually get into bed. 

That's why we've created one of the best candles for your home. The Serenity candle is a calming candle infused with the scent of jasmine, known for its botanical constituents for helping to tackle insomnia and notes of freesia, peach and pineapple. So burn your Serenity candle in your home, bedroom or in your bathroom before you retire and breathe in the calmness.The wax is a natural blend of rapeseed, soy and beeswax – no bees are harmed during the harvesting of this wax.

8% fragrance. Matt white glass holder, H92mm x D80mm. 30cl. Approx. 220g wax fill. Clean and even burn time approx 40 hours. Remember to blow out all candles before going to sleep. 

  • Luxury faux fur throws made in UK in three shades, blackberry, soft sand & blush pink. 

Helping the Nation's Dogs Sleep Better - The Big Little Doggy Duvet


Launched in August 2023 this fully washable, hypoallergenic bedding solution for dogs of all ages. The Doggy Duvet comes in two sizes, it creates a cosy sleep environment for dogs. Aimed at dog lovers who want to give their dogs the most comfortable sleep a relaxation zone and can help to reduce anxiety when travelling in cars or when you want your dog to settle outside of your home.

Each cover has a carry strap so that the duvet can be rolled up and easily transported. 

The duvets are manufactured in the UK by the same company that makes the extra large single duvets.

Also made in the UK is our collection of duvet covers in polycotton and luxury faux fur/ faux suede. There is a fabric shade and design that's perfect for your home, wherever your dog sleeps. Each cover is closed with a strong velcro strip.

Target Audience

All Dog Owners

Kennels/Dog Boarding

Dog Trainers

Benefits to Affiliates

Our duvet product is unique. Once a customer has bought The Big Little duvet they must also purchase our duvet cover sets as they are a bespoke size.

Return customer rate is high 

Broad target market

Quality customer reviews

High value orders

Fast delivery 





Program Commission Tiers

7.5% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "The Big Little Duvet Company", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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