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The Organic  Natural Paint Co

Date joined Paid On Results: 09th June 2016

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 60 Day(s)

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The Organic & Natural Paint Co are one of the top online retailers of eco friendly, natural, organic and/or sustainable paints. Our customer service, attitude and industry knowledge has given us some great feedback over the years.

We have a really high conversion rate of around 3%, and with average basket sizes of around £60-70, there really is loads of scope for making money as an affiliate and referring our products. Really low returns rate of less than 1%.

The paints that we offer are some of the best available, and are used by both trade and non trade customers. There is a huge range of products, from premium interior emulsion paints, through to traditional chalk paints, exterior paints. wood paints, floor paints, oils and varnishes, as well as all kinds of specialist paints and natural cleaning products.  We’ve got pretty much everything you need, including tools and brushes.

Natural & Eco friendly paint and sustainable DIY is in a rapidly growing niche at the moment as more and more people realise quite what toxic nasties are in their everyday items, paint being one of them. No more paint fume headaches, and no more chemicals leaching into your air.

We have only scraped the surface of this industry, and these are exciting times to be working here.

We only offer only premium natural and eco paints from well respected brands and companies. You can be assured that all products we offer have full transparency ad you can find a full ingredients list and heritage for every paint, so that the customer can see for themselves.

Our website: is easy to use and responsive for mobile users, with loads of FAQ pages and help articles to guide the customer. We ship to UK & Ireland as standard, but can also ship worldwide if needed.

You’ll be able to work closely with our affiliate manager, who knows the business inside and out, so you’re in good hands.

You don’t need to be technical to get started and to make money, we can tell you how to do everything and make sure you get it working as best as possible - we’re always here to help.

If you genuinely want to work with us, we genuinely want to work with you, we’re passionate about the industry and offering the general public a better solution to a common purchase!

Program Commission Tiers

£1+ sales per month

1% of order value

£1000+ sales per month

2% of order value

£3500+ sales per month

3% of order value

£5000+ sales per month

4% of order value

£7500+ sales per month

5% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: NO PPC without talking to us first. Generally we do not allow affiliates to use PPC.

To our Affiliates wishing to promote The Organic Natural Paint Co through search engine marketing direct or via a landing page should first contact the account management team to discuss this. PPC affiliates applying to programme without first discussing their plans for promotion may find that their application is declined. All PPC campaigns must be run by the Account Manager first. Any affiliate found to be running a PPC who has not had approval from directly will have their commission removed.

PPC Brand Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Organic Paint Company", "Natural Paint Company", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or separations on PPC search engines. We also ask that affiliates do not bid on brand names + generic terms.. Please negative match all possible brand keywords. Commission made via bidding on our brand terms or brand + generic will be cancelled.

PPC Display URL: Affiliates are requested not to use domains owned by as their display URL in any paid search campaign without express written permission.

Voucher Codes: Please only use voucher/coupon/promotion codes which have been issued directly from the account manage or is those available via the Paid On Results Voucher Manager. Affiliates must not feature any other coupon/promotion codes such as those found in, but not limited to, magazines or printed media, nor must publishers cite a URL to a coupon/promotion code anywhere on their website which has not came from the account manager or Paid On Results Voucher Manager. Commissions on all orders when an unauthorised promotion code has been used will be cancelled.

Domain Restrictions: Affiliates should not use our company name or brand terms directly within a TLD (top level domain) or sub domain as this could be seen as passing off to potential customers.

Affiliates may not put website into frames or use masked URLs.

Please note, commission will not be given for any code, offer, or promotion that is not available and listed as active in this network. Advertiser reserves the right to reconcile or adjust the value on any transaction that is attributed to another marketing channel.

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