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About Us:  

The-Rugs presents itself with new, unusual rugs. Thanks to the large selection of rugs in our new online shop, nobody should go out empty-handed here. In addition, it is characterised by fair and reasonable prices.

The-Rugs brings fresh ideas into the world of rugs for the home!

This sets us apart from the other online shops and offers our customers unbeatable prices for rugs. The choice is large: Whether modern high-pile or short-pile rugs for the living room, traditional design or oriental rugs for the guest room or bedroom, washable rugs for the kitchen, the bathroom or the terrace – here is something for every living room. Most rugs can be found in different colour combinations or in lighter or darker shades.

In addition to classic rugs, you will also find bathroom rugs, faux fur or runners. For your little ones, we have also made nice and colourful rugs with a variety of patterns and designs. We always make sure that our rugs are high-quality and durable, but at the same time are free of pollutants and environmentally friendly. We produce our rugs from polypropylene, PP heat-set, viscose and acrylic and polyester. These are also presented in versions in hairdressing and carving. All our products are sealed by Oeko-Tex that labels and certificates confirm the human-ecological safety of textile products.

What Are The Most Popular Features of The Rugs:

The Rugs is an online e-commerce store selling rugs, runners and mats in the United Kingdom. It has an extensive range of designs, shapes and colours of rugs. We sell mostly indoor rugs, including bedroom rugs, bathroom rugs, hallway runners, living room rugs, nursery rugs, doormats in the fall and winter seasons; on the other hand, outdoor rugs are more popular in the spring and summer seasons. We, as The Rugs, offer wide range of colored rugs for all rooms at great deals, currently we have highly competitive prices compared to the competitors. 

The Rugs provide free delivery in the UK, easy return and outstanding customer services.

Here the list of main differentiation points of The Rugs in the UK market:

- Competitive prices

- Great sale campaigns

- Moroccan rugs

- Rugs, runners and mats for rooms and outdoor usage

Popular Products:

Outdoor rugs, machine washable rugs, living room rugs, bedroom rugs and doormats are the best-selling products in The Rugs and users in The UK are aware of the price and quality advantage of The Rugs.

What You'll Get:

The Rugs has a raising trend in the UK and growing start-up in this market. You, as an affiliate, can get enormous affiliate revenue with easy-to-sell products. Also, we have brand awareness and visibility on different digital channels, Amazon, Instagram, TikTok and even organic results and it will help you to easily convince users to purchase.



Program Commission Tiers

20% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "The Rugs", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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