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The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury.. Not just another vintage revival clothing company, we have a great heritage that dates back to the 1930s..

About our History and Founder "Miss Lillian Wells"

... London 1939 and England is on the brink of World War 2.

... aged 14, Lillian Wells is apprenticed to a Bloomsbury dressmaker. She has little education but can already draw and paint and hand sew and embroider as if she were professionally trained, it is her natural gift. As she masters the seamstress’s art, her life seems to be clearly mapped out, she will sew beautiful frocks for the aristocratic families that inhabit the mansions around Bloomsbury Square. And dreams one day perhaps she will have a sewing room of her own, and meet a soldier, and marry, and have children ... and make beautiful clothes for them too ...

... but sadly Miss Wells dreams didn’t come true; she never met her soldier ... but spent many years perfecting her exquisite sewing skills in a little room in Hamilton House, and became known as ‘The Seamstress of Bloomsbury’. Her work was admired and sought after by many great Aristocratic families and Royalty from around the world ...

... we are extremely privileged to have known Miss Lillian Wells, to have worked with her, and to acknowledge the tradition of her skills ... and now, in keeping with her wishes, we revive her original 1940’s patterns and designs ... and are pleased we can share them with you.

Our Customers

We have found that our main market is WW2 re-enactment groups, Lindy Hop Dancers, Singers, Vintage Lovers, Swing Dance Groups, Jive Dance Groups, Rock n Roll enthusiasts..

People that like us may go to events such as Goodwood Revival, Twinwood Festival, The Vintage Festival and various other vintage inspired and themed events..

Similar brands... Lindy Bop, 20th Century Foxy, Top Vintage Retro, Collectif Clothing, Emmy, Daisy Dapper, Hell Bunny, Lady Vintage, Lady V London.. Howeverour quality and design is far better than these and we are considered as the "connoisseurs" choice

We have a strong following in the UK however there is a very large worldwide market particularly in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy Australia, USA & New Zeeland..

Program Commission Tiers

£1+ sales value per month

10% of order value

£400.00+ sales value per month

11% of order value

£600.00+ sales value per month

12% of order value

£800.00+ sales value per month

13% of order value

£1000.00+ sales value per month

14% of order value

£1500.00+ sales value per month

15% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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