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Date joined Paid On Results: 17th January 2022

Affiliate Acceptance: Auto Accept

Cookie Length: 60 Day(s)

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A quick look at our site - launched to great acclaim within the travel industry in 2017- will demonstrate.

    • Unrivaled website speed 
    • A broader range of Airport Parking, Hotels, and Airport Lounges are available
    • Incredibly competitive pricing
    • And most importantly, the BEST possible click-to-sale conversion


  • We are really keen to work closely with affiliates to provide unique and intuitive banners, live search boxes, and bespoke product offerings if required.
  • Travel Airport Plus wants to join your affiliate program because we need more conversions.
  • Travel Airport Plus provides Airport Parking services for all UK major 18 airports. We offer hotel services all around the world at affordable prices. The Airport Lounges module of Travel Airport Plus will be available soon.
  • Travel Airport Plus is the most popular agency in the UK and we provide the best services to our customers. We provide cheap parking prices for all UK 18 major airports and provide hotel services around the world.
  • Because through affiliates we get more conversions/bookings.
  • Our target market comprises households and families searching for value and savings on their regular spending, and spans all ages, UK areas, and interests. We want our members to be able to take advantage of savings, deals, and discounts on all of their regular purchases, as well as treats, takeout, days out, and vacations. Our target market/audience is in the UK and we provide the best Airport parking services to all our customers also we get brilliant feedback from customers.
  • Travel Airport Plus provides Cheap Airport Parking services in the UK. We offer hotel services at reasonable rates all around the world. Travel Airport Plus' Airport Lounges module will be available soon.

Program Commission Tiers

1+ sales per month

10% of order value

15+ sales per month

12% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Travel Airport Plus", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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