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UK Competitions

Date joined Paid On Results: 31st January 2003

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 60 Day(s)

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UK Competitions, is the online winning guide to the very best free competitions in the UK that you can take part in online. Updated daily and listing over 1,000+ competitions at any given time.

UK Competitions is very easy to promote, it's important to note that UK Competitions is affiliated to Free UK Stuff and with a high percentage of UK Competitions members going on to join Free UK Stuff (and vice versa) you will benefit from the additional revenue from sign-ups if you sign-up to each program.

Private Program: UK Competitions is a private program, we are currently restricting the number of affiliates that can take part in this program, as the maximum number of leads we are currently looking for is 3,000 lead per month. We hope to increase this budget in the near future.

UK Competitions is affiliated with Free UK Stuff so any network cookie leads will count if your a member of both programs.

Commission is paid for genuine members from the UK only.

Program Commission Tiers

1+ members

£0.25 per valid member

100+ members

£0.30 per valid member

200+ members

£0.35 per valid member

300+ members

£0.40 per valid member

Additional Information

Network Site: UK Competitions is affiliated with Free UK Stuff. It is important to also join Free UK Stuff via Paid On Results as any indirect sales that come via the UK Competitions program will be credited to your account only if you're an active affiliate for Free UK Stuff.

Program Restrictions

If approved, Cash Back/Incentive sites will be limited to the 1st tier of commission only.

Sorry we are not looking for PPC Affiliates to take part in the program.

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