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Date joined Paid On Results: 11th May 2018

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 30 Day(s)

Merchant URL: https://uxbskincare.com/

Product Feed: Yes

UXB makes luxury shower cream formulated with natural ingredients targeted at four skin conditions; oily, dry, polluted and mature. There is strong evidence that applying essential oils and active ingredients to the skin in the shower when the skin is wet increases absorbtion and potency. 

While there is a long history of using soap as a skincare aid, for example the black soaps of Africas and the olive oil soaps of southern Europe, UXB is the first company to design shower products to take advantage of the goldilocks moment your skin becomes porous when warm and damp. 

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "UXB", "uxbskincare.com", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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