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Date joined Paid On Results: 08th May 2019

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 30 Day(s)

Merchant URL: https://purrandmutt.com/

Product Feed: Yes

Purr & Mutt plan to become the leading UK vendor of personalised pet posters. We offer bespoke pet posters, designed by hand within the UK. We offer Free standard UK delivery on all orders and customers approve artwork before it's printed and shipped.

We sell posters in a framed or unframed format with size options from A3 to A5, making our lowest priced product - an A5 poster - only £14.99. This encourages conversions and the more expensive product variations help to increase affiliate earnings where possible. Our premium canvas posters are the exceptionally good and we expect this to help affiliates receive more commission with a bigger cart value.

Our priority is looking after both customers and affiliates. With a background in online marketing we strive to optimise conversion rates and make sure that affiliates are earning as much as they can. Join our program today and see how much you could make with the Purr & Mutt program on Paid on Results!

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

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