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Date joined Paid On Results: 05th October 2012

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Merchant URL: https://www.wholesaleledlights.co.uk/

Wholesale LED Lights are the biggest independent online retailer of LED lighting solutions in the UK. Based in Leicester, we have a commitment to providing affordable, energy-efficient lighting for both domestic and commercial use, striving to be the best in outstanding quality and excellent customer service.

Having started in 2010, we were one of the first dedicated LED retailers in the UK, before the product became mainstream. As such, we have an incredibly strong foothold in the now heavily saturated LED lighting market. Because of this, very few independent online retailers can match our customer base, product range or product knowledge.

This also means that we have been able to develop and hone our product over the years, to a point where we now offer some of the most reliable, brightest, and energy-efficient LED lighting on the market. Our range includes LED Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Strip Lights, Indoor and Outdoor Fittings, Floodlights, Downlights, Panel Lights, Tube Lights, Switches, Sockets and more.

The rate at which we sell our products means we are able to buy in at incredibly competitive rates. Stock is ready to be dispatched from our 10,000 square foot warehouse at a moment’s notice.

Our excellent customer services team look after customers prior to, during, and after the sales process, guiding our customers on which product will be right for them and their homes. A dedicated LED Strip Lights team is just one example of the lengths we go to, to look after our valued customers.

Coupled with this is our very own in-house marketing team, that look after all content, graphics and advertising for the website. This gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace, as we are able to use our in-depth product knowledge to market and advertise our product with impeccable precision – we don’t have to rely on an external marketing agency to first learn our product and customer base, before applying advertising that is less accurate.

To give customers that extra piece of mind, we offer them a 28 day money-back returns period, up to 5-year warranty, seasonal promotional codes, bulk buy discounts*, free delivery** on orders over £40 and monthly discounted lines.

*Bulk buy discounts not available on all products.

**Free UK delivery is shipped via second class (2-3 days). Next day delivery is also available for £2.99. For more information about this, please read through our terms and conditions.

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Wholesale LED lights", "wholesaleledlights.co.uk" or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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