Wiggly Wigglers - Affiliate Program

Wiggly Wigglers

Date joined Paid On Results: 28th July 2011

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 30 Day(s)

Merchant URL: http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/

Product Feed: Yes

Why buy Wiggly?

You can trust us to sell products that work. It’s true that many are not products but processes – think using Bokashi or composting with worms – but you can rest assured that we have either used them ourselves or one of our customers has particularly recommended them. Unless we, or our customers, use and love the product it just won’t get into our database. While that philosophy might be a real challenge for a bigger company, for us it’s a promise we can keep.

That warm, fuzzy feeling

When customers buy from us you are doing more than spending a few pennies (well, £s). The thing is, without gushing too much, you are doing your bit. If you’re composting food waste, you are saving it from being transported all over the place and probably ending up in landfill. If you’re feeding the birds in your garden, you’re playing a vital role in their survival (especially if you feed LIVE! Food). If you buy our British grown flowers, you are drastically reducing 'Flower Miles' and helping to ensure the countryside stays diverse.

  • Strong Conversion Rate
  • Cookie Period of 30 Days
  • Average Spend- £41
  • Low return rate
  • 5% Comission

If you require anymore artwork i.e. banners, logos please contact jon@wigglywigglers.co.uk where we can create customised banners to suit your website.

Why our Customers shop with us

  • Well established online retailer for the past 20 years with excellent reputation
  • Easy to use website with a clear navigation system
  • Free gifts and regular promotions

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Wiggly Wigglers", "wigglywigglers.co.uk" or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, on PPC search engines. We also ask Affiliates not to use brand names of our competitors to send traffic to us.

Product Feed Restrictions: Please do not submit our product feed to Froogle, PriceRunner or any other third party feed based comparison site.

TLD Restrictions: Affiliates should not use our company name directly within a TLD (top level domain) as this could be seen as passing off to potential customers. Affiliates are welcome to use our name within a structure.

  • Example 1: www.visitWigglyWigglers.co.uk (BAD)

  • Example 2: www.xyz123456.com/WigglyWigglers/ (ACCEPTABLE)

Wiggly Wigglers Sample Creative

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