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Our average loan value is £200 and we will pay £30 commission on ALL loans approved and issued throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland

Zippa Loans offers unsecured small personal loans to customers who cannot or do not have access to mainstream credit. We pride ourselves in offering one of the most competitive rates in the online industry in a responsible and compliant manner.

There are no hidden costs or fees, we are fully transparent and use Trustpilot to give customers an unbiased and honest view of our business before they take out a loan (our current score is 9.5 /10) We currently cover ALL of Scotland and Northern Ireland and intend to eventually supply the whole of the UK. We are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Zippa was born out of the concept that providing affordable credit can be done in a manner that is both responsible and transparent. The marketplace is full of overpriced loans, with additional charges and brokers who sit in the middle adding more costs onto the amount you borrow.

We are passionate about delivering excellent customer outcomes and this underpins every aspect of our business.

So how can Zippa supply the same amount of money and charge less interest than our competitors?

Best Rates – We believe credit can and should be supplied at an affordable cost.

We are human! - Whilst we do run credit checks we also understand people’s circumstances change so we take time to look at every aspect of your application. We may phone you to chat over some points if we feel it will enable us to deliver a favourable outcome.

We don’t use brokers - We deal directly with you.

We supply loans that are repaid by continuous payment authority, which means after you have chosen the amount you would like to borrow and the repayment period your agreed payments are setup using your debit card.

No one benefits from taking out a loan they cannot afford to repay and for that reason we perform an affordability assessment and a credit check to confirm the information supplied during the application process is correct.

Our loan amounts and terms are flexible so we can meet your financial requirements.

What you agree to pay upfront is exactly what you will repay.

We never charge fees if you are late with a payment however, missed payments may impact on future borrowing and will be recorded with a credit reference agency.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are a member of the Consumer Credit and Trade Association.

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Program Restrictions

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