Bespoke Merchant Reporting

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Over the last 8 years Paid On Results have developed an Affiliate Marketing platform second to none. The platform has many innovative features, tools and reports designed to help Affiliates, Merchants and Agencies make the most of Affiliate Marketing. Despite this we recognise that one size doesn’t fit all.

This is why today, Paid On Results is pleased to announce the launch of our first bespoke report created and developed for our new Merchant which is available to Affiliates of

Travel Merchants in particular have rich data from each transaction which could be shared with Affiliates, but trying to integrate this into the standard reports shared by all Merchants doesn’t always make the best use of this data.

For this reason we developed the “Sunshine Report” which utilises the additional information can supply on all transactions, such as resort booked, country and accommodation. As this information couldn’t be integrated into our existing reports in a way which would allow Affiliates true analytics, this new report was built from the ground up specifically for Affiliates enabling them to make full use of this key transactional data to harness their campaigns.

The initial costs and development time for this project were fully funded by Paid On Results. We are now able to offer custom reports to companies from many different sectors where our standard reporting doesn’t make the most of the available traffic or transaction data.

We see this commitment to the development of customised reporting as being a huge plus for Agencies and Merchants wishing to better utilise their time when gathering information for reports, managing Affiliate traffic more effectively or empowering there Affiliates with additional analytics to optimise their campaigns.

For further information on how Paid On Results can help grow your Affiliate Program, or if your new to Affiliate Marketing please contact us here.