Find out how Affiliate Marketing will be affected by ITP 2.1

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Following on from ITP 2.0 (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) released in 2018 across Apple devices, restricting the lifespan of third-party cookies, comes ITP 2.1 which focuses on first party cookies. Affiliate Networks such as ourselves combine traditional third party cookies with first party cookies to track sales.

ITP 2.1 will introduce new controls on some types of first party cookies, limiting their lifespan to 7 days. This will affect first party cookies set by Affiliate Networks, as well as Google Analytics which could be limited to 7-day sessions.

Based on network data from 2018, 3.50% of transactions across all Affiliates occur through Safari after 7 days, and its those which could be limited by the introduction of ITP 2.1

We wanted to make sure our Affiliates are fully informed of the potential effect. We have put together a report to see based on your own transactions, any effect of ITP 2.1. You can also view an overview of all network transactions as well.

Paid On Results is committed to providing industry-leading tracking. Joining our existing first and third-party cookie and cookieless tracking, will be two new technologies to reduce any negative effect caused by ITP 2.1.

Our Server Header Tag which works alongside e-commence platforms such as WooCommence, Magento and OpenCart, providing an additional tracking signal unaffected by changes introduced by ITP 2.1.

Combining this with our new Intelligent Signal Matcher, which supports even hosted platforms such as Shopify will further enhance our tracking reliability and accuracy.

With Paid On Results, you can Link With Confidence both today and in the future.

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