New Innovative Deep Link Generator

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Back in December 2005, UK Affiliate Network Paid On Results unleashed its latest innovation, the Deep Link Generator.  It was the first tool of its kind to offer one click deep link creation for Affiliates.  A Deep Link is an Affiliate URL which goes to a page of the Affiliate’s choice on the Merchant’s website, instead of a default location such as the front page.

The Deep Link Generator, once added to the Affiliate’s web browser during a one-time set-up, allows the Affiliate to visit any Paid On Results Merchant, navigate to the page he wishes to deep link to, then, by clicking the Deep Link Generator link in his browser, create a deep link ready for use.

Since then, other Affiliate Networks have created their own similar tools, although, based on a recent independent round up review, these other tools all still fall short of matching our original created nearly 5 years ago.

Paid On Results is never an Affiliate Network to let the grass grow under our feet and today we are proud to announce the newest version of our Deep Link Generator.

  • NEW One screen creation – never leave the Merchant website
  • NEW Automatic product image detection
  • NEW Affiliate URL shortening via 2 popular services
  • All major browsers supported – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • Affiliate URL and HTML link created
  • Custom Tracking ID support
  • Ability to find a Merchant creative

Click to View Deep Link Generator Demo in action on PrezzyBox.

Automatic Product Image Detection

When deep linking to a product on a Merchants website, the Deep Link Generator will automatically detect the product image and will also give you the URL to the product image to download in a choice of 10 standardised sizes – saving you even more time.

One Screen Creation

The new Deep Link Generator is set-up and used in the same way as before, but, this time when you click the button in your browser to activate the Deep Link Generator, it will appear within the same browser window, floating magically on top of the Merchants website.  No redirection and no pop up.

Home Sweet Home

The new Deep Link Generator maintains all the features and usage of the previous tool, so you’re going to feel right at home.  By creating our Deep Link Generator in a universally supported way, it continues to work in all major web browsers and isn’t just limited to one browser.

Paid On Results Affiliates can set-up and start using the new Deep Link Generator immediately, by simply logging into your Affiliate Control Panel and clicking Deep Link Generator on the menu to go through the simple one-off set-up process.