Voucher Feeds in RSS, CSV and XML

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Paid On Results is happy to announce the latest improvements to our Voucher Manager system. The Voucher Feed gives you real time export of all Voucher Codes available from our Merchants. The feed is available in 3 standard formats, each with options to customise the feed to your own specification. The CSV and XML feeds are best suited for integrating into your own sites to ensure your database is up to date with the latest vouchers.

New Tab “Voucher Feed” added to the Voucher Manager

The RSS feed is suitable for all Affiliates, by subscribing to the RSS feed via your Internet browser or any RSS reader you can receive real time notifications of vouchers. This feed includes all the details on the voucher and your own Affiliate URLs are ready to use.

RSS Feed Configuration Screen

When configuring your feed you have the option to include vouchers from Merchants you have yet to join as an Affiliate. This is the recommended setting, and it means you have the full range of vouchers available in your feed. When you earn commission from a Merchant you have not joined, we will send you an email asking you to join the Merchant. Once you have joined and have been accepted by the Merchant all commission is back dated and paid.

Most Internet browsers today support RSS feeds and will allow you to subscribe to them simply by clicking the feed link, which we give you after you create your RSS feed.

RSS Feed: Click to Add to your Reader

Here is the finished result. We deliver exclusive and non-exclusive codes direct to your feed of choice. The RSS feed has the key information you need: your own Affiliate link or deep link ready to use. You are notified about new voucher codes minutes after the Merchant publishes them on our system.

IE7 RSS Viewer, you can of course use your favourite RSS reader.

I am sure you will agree this is the best formatted and most useable voucher feed RSS to date. If you have any improvement ideas please let us know as we are always innovating, adding new ideas and improving on old ones.