New Feature – How are your sales tracked?

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Back in 2008, Paid On Results rolled out cookieless tracking across all of its Merchants. For those unaware of what cookieless tracking means – it refers to the tracking of Affiliate sales without solely relying on regular browser cookies.

Since then we have published statistics on the total number of sales across our whole Affiliate Network that have been tracked for Affiliates using our cookieless tracking technologies.

Paid On Results deploys 4 different methods of cookieless tracking. These however are always treated as fall back options – meaning when a sale takes place we will first check for the presence of a regular browser cookie and if present use that to track the sale. If we are unable to do that (for example if the tracking cookie has been blocked, or has since been deleted by the user) we check each of our cookieless methods in turn for tracking information, which will enable us to pay Affiliates any due commission.

Today Paid On Results are pleased to announce another first for Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates can now view the percentage of their own sales, including individual transactions, which are tracked thanks to our cookieless tracking technology. In other words, Affiliates can now see in detail how all of their own sales were tracked.

The new graph, which has been added to the existing Revenue report, shows which tracking method was responsible for what percentage of the Affiliates own sales, along with the commission the Affiliate made via each of our multiple tracking methods for any given date period.

tracking methods

What does this all mean for Affiliates? Putting it into perspective, it means any commission we show which tracked via one of our cookieless tracking methods, would have been lost if we were limited to tracking sales just by using regular cookies (as some Affiliate Networks still only do). It’s that simple. See for yourself what commission you would have lost if it wasn’t for Paid On Results advanced tracking technology.