Voucher Manager Tool – Launching Soon!

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Paid On Results are proud to announce another network first, “Voucher Manager” our new voucher/discount code management system that will allow Paid On Results Merchants to easily offer exclusive discount codes for Affiliates to use. These codes can be used offline as well as online opening up additional promotion opportunities. Every time a Merchant assigns an exclusive code to an Affiliate, when this code is used the Affiliate assigned the code will get paid the commission, it’s all done automatically so should an Affiliates exclusive code be taken by another Affiliate you can just sit back and do nothing as any sales made using the Affiliates exclusive code will be assigned to them.

First stage that we will rolling out to interested Merchants at the end of this week is to do a very minor upgrade to the existing standard Paid On Results call-back code, once this is in place the Merchant will be able to offer Affiliates Exclusive codes that will track via the system. If you are a Merchant and are interested in offering this facility to your Affiliates please get in touch or sign up via the Merchant Interface at the end of the week when the system will be live.