Managing Logos the Better Way

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Introducing Merchant Logo Creator. One of the most important creative for Affiliates is the logo of the Merchant they are promoting, used by the biggest to smallest Affiliates, the influencers to cashback sites.

The first of its kind in the industry, Merchant Logo Creator provides Affiliates with the Merchants logo in unlimited shapes and sizes, with different borders, positioning and padding. Boosting the branding Merchants have available to their Affiliates.

Fully Customisable

For Affiliates, finding logos via the Merchant Logo Creator is easy. Logos can be fully customised to any size, with border options, padding and positioning through the logo wizard, or use any of the predefined sizes.

Brand Control

By using the Merchant Logo Creator Merchants benefit from brand protection through controls on the customisations Affiliates can do, as well as ensuring the logos available are of a high quality.

Always on point

Logos are automatically updated inline with any future branding changes – perfect for Affiliates as it means they don’t need to update their website and awesome for Merchants as it ensures correct branding instantly.

Easy Sharing

Supercharge email communication with Affiliates and help Affiliates get up and running quicker. All Merchants are given a dedicated profile on our website so Affiliates can head straight there to get your logo – without needing to log into their Affiliate Control Panel. Check out a demo profile.

Merchant Logo Creator is available now to all Paid On Results Affiliates and Merchants.

Merchants can upload and configure their logo via their Merchant Control Panel. Affiliates can head on into their Affiliate Control Panel and discover Merchant Logo Creator by clicking Merchant Logo Creator on the left-hand menu.

For more information on Merchant Logo Creator or for what Paid On Results can do for your Affiliate Program, see

Merchant Logo Creator was designed and developed in-house by Paid On Results, as part of a series of upcoming developments aimed at making Affiliate Marketing easier and more accessible for both experienced Affiliates and people new to the industry to work with Affiliate Programs. With Paid On Results, everyone can Link with Confidence and make the most of Affiliate Marketing.